Angela Fraleigh

August 20, 2016

Angela Fraleigh has only been a client of mine for a couple years so I'm just beginning to know her. Most of the paintings I have photographed for her have been large scale standing close to 6ft, I would say… Her work ethic is outstanding and what I really enjoy so far is moving the paintings around to photograph in her studio, like most artists studios, you create a space that you think is big enough then you make art work to fit that space and all of a sudden you need a bigger studio. We are similar in the fact that we carry our own weight, when it is time to photograph one of her pieces she handles all 6ft of it on her own as if it were a feather with no help from me. I do the same thing with my equipment, people ask to help carry or move it and I always say I'm fine, it's my ball and chain through this life. Anyhow, Angela currently has an exhibition at The Everson Museum,“Angela Fraleigh: Between  Tongue  and  Teeth”, exhibition on display from September 24 - December 31, 2016. Below are a some photos that I've taken of her work.

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