Blink and it's the end of October

October 26, 2016

326 N. Hall Street, Allentown, PA 18102 – Future Home of KeneK Photography

I swear it was September a minute ago, anyhow, things have been busy. Working on the new building/studio, photographing all kinds of art work, keeping up with my little guy, Arlo. Here are some shots of the new studio we bought, it is still under construction but we are doing our best to get it up and running. The building was built in 1914, it was used to work on delivery trucks for the old candy shop and factory on 7th St. in Allentown. We started with a new roof and insulated above the rafters to keep the ceiling exposed to show the beautiful wood that was hiding under nasty old drywall and old insulation that was covered in mold, that sure was fun. Our next step was to get the floors fixed up by Bobby and the Floor Sanders, these guys know how to work with old buildings and they did such a great job. We added a heat and AC unit to the 2nd floor, which is a dream and works like a champ. Then came the sewer line, that was a fiasco but it all worked out in the end, I feel like it was a test of patience and we won, 13 months later… What comes after a sewer line but water, toilet and sink, those are all checked off the list. The last thing we just finished up was the sidewalk and it's beautiful! 

We will be starting to add some electric and dry wall real soon but in the meantime, I figured I would take on the challenge of restoring the original pivoting factory windows on the 2nd floor. Five windows total with 72 window panes, some original old glass that was still in good shape and then I was able to repurpose some glass that I've been holding onto in my pile of one day stuff… All the old window glazing had to be removed and then the metal scraped and prepped for priming and that's where I'm at and it's starting to get cold so wish me luck that I finish it in the next week or two. It's a lot of work restoring an old building but you just can't find materials like this anymore and if you can it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. To me it's about holding on to the story and preserving the past, we live in such a culture that likes to demolish and rebuild which I understand is necessary to grow but at the same time we have to hold onto some of the past. And now back to work, I'll keep you all updated as we progress.

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