Brian Gormley New Book Project

August 1, 2016

Brian Gormley's work is wild but yet precise. I have photographed over 3000 paintings for this man, he is hard to keep up with but he has become a good friend through the years. Mutantspace had this to say about Brian Gormley online and I like it.

“Art thats made on a jazz riff, a rhythm that flows through the bright color fields of abstract expressionism, that has the raw primal energy of the New York Graffiti scene of the 1980's. Gormley maybe considered Irish but he's a man of New York, his work rooted in the artists who have worked in that city since the 1950's. From Robert Rauschenberg and Jackson Pollock to his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat, Gormleys graffiti background and love of pure expression screams from his mixed media prints and paintings, his work a distillation of the colors and sounds of one of the cultural capitals of the 20th Century.Primarily using acrylic and silkscreen techniques on linen or canvas Gormley often blows his drawings up before transposing them onto silk screens and printing them onto canvas. The introduction of colour a splatter dance of life that gives his work a depth, a transcendental beauty that has an energy and beat that is timeless yet very much rooted in the 20th Century.” 

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