Gregory Nangle

April 26, 2016

Gregory Nangle and I first met back in 2010. Steve Tobin recommended we connect. Greg owns Outcast Studios in Philadelphia. He works in glass and metals to create his work. His foundry also works with many clients to create their vision. He is such a vibrant and brilliant man. Being an artist is a tough business but he's been able to hold his own ground. What amazes me is how he is always able to challenge my inner artist when his work is placed in front of me to photograph, usually a mixture of reflective metal and glass, as a photographer tricky stuff. Greg has become a bit of a mentor for me, I'm not sure he realizes… but he is also one that I consider a friend. Supporting his cause by bringing my talent to his table is the best way I know how to support him. Greg is also the reason I now photograph the art work of Wexler Gallery. Wexler Gallery in Philadelphia has been a huge supporter of Greg and his work and now they have been using me for the last couple of years, they too are a great group to be involved with. This is a selection of his work that I have photographed through the years.


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