Grounds For Sculpture: Vaadia & Ramirez

May 9, 2016

I was asked to come back to Grounds for Sculpture to get some photographs of  Boaz Vaadia's upcoming show. I was pretty excited because a couple nights prior I had a dream that I was photographing the Paul Henry Ramirez show again but I was lighting his small sculptures a bit differently than my first visit couple weeks prior. Now we are back to real-life, first thing I did when I got to grounds for sculpture was, I snuck in to Paul Henry Ramirez exhibit and re-created the images I saw in my dream. I set up lights on the outside of the windows to send controlled lighting through the circular shapes of transparent colors that he placed on the windows. Using those colors as  the background I then individually lit each small sculpture. It was so strange re-creating a dream but the photographs came out exactly as I hoped.

Then I went and spent some time with Boaz Vaadia's work. It was a bit of a gloomy day but I knew I had to come up with something because all the pictures that I photograph must be worthy of a poster or a cover shot. Luckily these hand carved figurative sculptures lend themselves to being photographed in a more ominous way which worked with a feeling of the day. The pieces to me are more about their interaction with their surroundings, that is why I backed away and took more photographs of the pieces playing with the landscape. There was much time and thought put into placement of these sculptures by Boaz so explaining that in the photographs was crucial. 



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