The Seward Johnson Archive

July 7, 2016

Seward Johnson Atelier called back in early 2014 to photograph Seward Johnson's large sculptures that were on display at Grounds for Sculpture for his retrospective. They were going to be using these images for archiving his body of work and insurance principles. Well I have a very difficult time taking snapshots so I did what I do best and tried to give them, what I call cover shots. I personally feel if I am going to be photographing a piece art, I might as well give it my best because I've learned through the years you never know where a picture might show up, like a billboard in Time Square or the cover of Art in America magazine‚Ķ Seward's body of work is something to be proud of. Not only did I photograph most of his large sculptures but they then asked me to photograph his complete body of maquette. I believe there were over 300 maquettes needing to be photographed at every quarter angle. All I know between 2 years and over 10,000 images, I've become a huge fan of his work and the more I find out about him personally, I've become a huge fan of the man. What his vision has created and what he is leaving behind for the future is just remarkable. I am so proud to be photographing Seward Johnson's work in the light it deserves. The team that he has created at the Seward Johnson Atelier have been amazing to work with and the more times I work there, the more I feel at home. So please visit Grounds for Sculpture, take the day off and enjoy it all. In the meantime I uploaded a couple videos that I found online, then scroll down to view a selection of the images that I photographed for Seward Johnson.

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