Willi Singleton

July 17, 2016

Willi Singleton and I were introduced by a mutual friend. Here is his artist statement, it explains more about Willi than I ever could in words.

Artist's Statement:

“Making pots is like planting seeds.  I am trying to grow pots from the materials the Earth provides, using the transforming forces of Nature to nurture them into being. The clay is the seed.  Clay, in its original form, lives within the Earth, possessing its own spirit and personality. The Japanese speak of bringing clay to life-- tsuchi o ikaseru.  With this as my goal, much of the clay I use is dug and cleaned by hand, then formed into shapes that allow the essence of the clay to assert itself. The glaze is the skin of the pot.  By utilizing natural grass and wood ashes with local slip clay, I prepare glazes that rely on Nature to achieve a depth of color and expression of the pot's metamorphosis. The fire is the ultimate trial, where the process of natural selection prevails. The great natural power of the flame swallows the ware, enhancing the colors and textures of the glaze and infusing the pot with energy.Living in the countryside of Eastern Pennsylvania, I am surrounded by the workings of Nature: the hills, the trees, the water, the birds and animals, the seasons. I am awed and humbled by the beauty and power of Nature. I seek to exist with(in) Nature and for Nature to manifest itself in my pots. I aspire to make pottery which exudes a confidence and quiet power that emanates from beneath the surface.  I believe such pots offer an aesthetic nourishment to those who live with them.”  Willi Singleton

If you are ever around his parts, try to plan a visit if you want to meet one of the Greats. Below is a selection of images that I have taken for Willi.

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