Grounds for Sculpture February 2016

February 22, 2016

Back to Grounds for Sculpture again to photograph a piece of art work that was moved in the park to a new location, titled, 'Hand-LikeTree: Cecyna' by Magdalena Abakanowicz. to find out more about the work http://www.groundsforsculpture.org/Artwork/Hand-Like-Tree-Cecyna, the day worked in my favor, beautiful blue sky with a touch of clouds for a lovely background. I individually lit the piece with 2 strobe lights on battery to bring my subject up to same light exposure as the background as to keep that beautiful blue sky and green foliage. It also really works because the piece stands alone while giving you a feel of the environment. I suggest taking a stroll through Grounds for Sculpture leaving all thoughts and stresses at the door behind you. Just take the day off and let yourself actually relax enough to absorb its beauty. It's a great place to take photos but it is also awesome to leave your camera at home and embrace this Sculpture Garden for what it is, a work of art.

While I was there shooting I also needed to get back into the Paul Henry Ramirez show to grab some more photos of his work. They were looking for more shots to give the feel of his interaction with the architecture.

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