The Lion King, JR. – Civic Theatre

Music and Lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice
Additional Music and Lyrics by Will Van Dyke, Lebo M, Mark Mancina, and Jay Rifkin
Book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi 
Direction by William Sanders and JoAnn Wilchek Basist

The kind and wise Lion King of the Pridelands, Mufasa, and his queen Sarabi introducing their newborn son, Simba to the animals of the savanna. All seems well except Mufasa's evil brother, Scar, secretly desires to be king. Along with his evil henchmen, the hyenas, Scar orchestrates a stampede that kills Mufasa. Simba, believing he caused the death of his father, secretly leaves the Pridelands. With Simba presumed dead, Scar becomes king. Under his rule, the Pridelands become a wasteland. In a stroke of luck, Simba runs into his old friend Pumbaa in the jungle. She tells him of the horrors of Scar's rule and begs Simba to return to the Pridelands. When Simba returns, he ends up killing Scar and reclaims his thrown to the joy of all the animals.

This performance is designed especially for younger audiences, and is recommended for ages 2 and up. 

Performances will be held in Civic’s newly renovated Historic 19th Street Theatre


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